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Question kernel install works, but GLX doesn't

hello all!

i've been fiddling with this for far too long and i'm at a big loss.

compiled the kernel module from the tarball just fine. Did a make from the GLX and that went off without a hitch as well

I startx, it flickers twice but i see the NVIDIA logo and i'm all excited! UT baby.

Except, whenever i try and run something that uses openGL, from XMMS plugins to Tuxracer to UT, i get the error that...

"Couldn't open required GL library /usr/X11R6/lib/!"

typing "locate libGL" shows me /usr/X11R6/lib/

Do i need to create a symbolic link or something here to make it find so.1.3.blah for so.1.2? I'm at a loss Any help you can give is greatly greatly incredibly appreciated

Incidentally, i have a Gforce 3, not 2 as it says to the left...maybe that's indicative of something?
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