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Default Re: The current RPM's dont work with the new kernel.

Originally posted by Nuggett
I'm a nubie so please bear with me.

I got the new kernel RPMs and installed them using the nifty update program. The new kernel won't let X start up. I get an NVdriver error. I take it this is why you are asking about new driver RPM's?
Yes. nVidia has to create a new set of RPMs containing the drivers and other compoents for each new Red Hat kernel release. And, as of this writing, they haven't yet.

Will the new ones have to be installed while logged into the new kernel?
No, but in my experience, it's best to download all the files you need, print the instructions (or at least have them in a text file), then boot into the new kernel. X won't be able to start (due to the modules not being installed yet), but just go through the instructions. Once you've completed that, as root do an "init 3" and then an "init 5" to get X running. Things should be smooth from there on.

If so, can the entire process be done in the command line mode since X won't start?
See above answer (yes).

I set my system to boot into runlevel 3 to ease the pain and X runs just fine with the old kernel.
Yes, to run X, you'll have to choose the old kernel until the new RPMs come out (or compile them yourself, but that's a more complex proceedure).

Good luck!
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