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I assume you updated the kernel using up2date. Usually up2date will complain because installing the Nvidia drivers changes some of the libraries that RH installed.

What I usually do before using up2date to update the kernel is go back to nv as the video driver by un-editing XF86Config-4. I also logout to a console and remove both the nvidia drivers as follows:
rpm -e NVIDIA_kernel

Then I reboot and run up2date from X. Once the new kernel is installed, I reinstall the nvidia drivers using source rpms from the command line and return to the nvidia version of XF86Config-4. I actually keep the original "nv" version and the "nvidia" version, so I am not really re-editing the file.

Finally, I always install the kernel source and update the kernel source as there are several applications such as FlightGear that require the kernel headers that match the running kernel in order to compile.

This is also necessary to installl from source rpms. By installing from source rpms, you are sure that the nvidia drivers match the running kernel. This is well explained in the pdf file from nvidia.

Hope this was clear.

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