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Default Seems to work, but Pan hangs in GNOME

Thanks to the instructions I was able to successfully (?) install the NVidia drivers. All worked - Tux Racer was nice and fast, etc

However, after the install I noticed that Pan (the newsreader) would hang at any kind of window activity - ie scrolling, etc. It would work for about 3 seconds, and then totally hang the system - hard reboot needed.

All the other apps seemed to work OK.

So the questions:

1. Does anyone else see PAN hanging with these installed ?

2. To Un-install them, I copied my old XF86Config file that I backed up over the new one. However, this caused X not to start at all. The errors seemed to have something to do with GLX, so I commented that load out of the 'new' (reverted to) XF86COnfig file, which seemed to let X load.

I've confirmed that PAN now behaves itself again, so it was definitely the drivers that screwed it up.

What does commenting out the glx line actually do ?

3. Would an older version of the drivers work better ?
Are the instructions essentially the same ?

Many thanks !

Don Rieck
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