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Default Re: Woot! 5800U arrives!

The problem with video card forums in general is you get these guys discussing little differences in cards like they actually meant something, like moving from the ghetto to a rich suburb.
Then if you actually take the time to try different cards, you find out you don't even notice the differences in IQ unless you start taking screenshots, and the differences in framerates unless you have the counter on.

Anyway, played some GTA Vice City, again didn't notice the difference.

BTW Jakup, I don't have to "defend" anything. I can use whatever card I want.

I'm liking the 5800 Ultra so far. I suppose if I didn't have a job and had to pick a card for 2004 I'd take the 9800Pro over it, but it's a fun card to play with.
Don't fret- I'll buy a card soon enough that will seem like a big upgrade to you.
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