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Default Re: Woot! 5800U arrives!

Originally Posted by Lostlilchild6
Wow... this guy can't be serious... why the hell would you want to downgrade from a 9800 Pro to a complete POS-crap that is the 5800 Ultra? I owned one of these cards before Jakup did... and believe you me, it's a piece of total trash. That was back when I was an Nvidia fan, but after that crap-pile, I've been ATi ever since.

I had that card, and the very next day I sold it to a co-worker, and proceeded to buy a 6-month old (at the time) 9700PRO which comletely demolished the trashy 5800 Ultra.

Sorry dude, but you've been n00b'ed under your own assumptions.

Oh well, if it makes you happy, enjoy that piece of trash, but don't come on here telling us about how it's better than a 9800PRO when in fact it's a total piece of donkeychu compared to it.
wow.. you have some issues you need to deal with heh...

btw, he never said it was better than a 9800pro, so you don't have to feel like you holy piece of computer hardware needs to be saved from an attack.
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