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Default Re: Woot! 5800U arrives!

Don't be hatin' ATI Fans!
All I meant by that "Don't buy the ATI AA is "superior" hype" is that while it may be better on ATI as evidenced by pinwheels and magnified stillshots, in actual game play there's not a huge difference that's evident to the naked eye while you run around in the game.
I was trying to say the IQ at the settings I play at seems comparable, that's all.

Man, you guys have some issues. The 5800U is "slow" compared to WHAT? It's basically the same speed as a 9700Pro, and last I checked, that's still a pretty good card.

It's as noisey as a big OCer fan I put on my Athlon XP system, but when the games are playing and you have the sound on, it's not all that noticeable.

I was bored with the 9800 Pro, plain and simple. I had it for 8 months, I had a 9700 Pro for 8 months before that.
I'm going to buy the better of the nV40 vs R420 dual in a few months, so what the heck do you guys care if I play with a 5800 Ultra for a while?

LOL- you'd think I burned down your houses and shot your families as they ran out, rather than trade a video card for another video card.

"Heavens to Betsy! The 5800U! Hide the kids! Kill the monster!"
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