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Default Re: Woot! 5800U arrives!

Originally Posted by Lostlilchild6
Wow.. cry more idiot.

I'm sorry I'm being completely honest. At least I'm not like every other ATi fan boy who just bases his beliefs on benchmarks and what he reads off of websites. Like I already stated, I've owned both cards, so I can tell you first hand which is better at what. And believe me, the 5800 Ultra is trash. Ask Jakup... go for it, tell him... "Jakup, what do you think about the 5800Ultra since you owned one, and how does it compare to a 9800PRO, since you happen to own one of those also?"

He'll tell you the same thing I did, the 5800U is a POS, and those who love can continue to enjoy whatever makes them happy, regardless of whether it's trash or not.
Hmmm. I can post links to lots of benchmarks that show the speed is about the same as a 9700Pro, and the IQ issues were fixed about a year ago, so how is it trash, Mr. ATI Fan?
Because it's louder in 3d? Since it's quieter in 2d than any 9700/9800, does that make them "trash" because you're in 2d more than gaming??????

LOL it cracks me up when guys try to go all elitist over soemthing as inexpensive as gaming video cards. Got news for you, Mr Ontario where everything costs an arm and a leg, here in the states, about anybody with a job can buy any video card they want. (so there's not some elite club of 9800 owners like there is say, Ferrari owners)
Yep, down here, a kid working at McDonalds can make enough for a 9800 Pro in a week or two. LOL
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