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Default Re: Woot! 5800U arrives!

Originally Posted by Rollo
But Mr. ATI Fan- I work in IS and have a BS and a BA from a Big 10 college, I don't work at McDonalds. I only remembered the Ontario from your signature and was making a point that here in this country, as 9800Pros are only $200, even fast food workers can afford them. You seemed to be trying to say they're hard to come by.

Anyway, I paid $379 for mine last year when they came out, and I was bored with it. I'm sorry you feel the need to put other people down and go all postal when they try new video cards, maybe a therapist and some anti depressants would be in order?

You implied that I was Canadian... more than enough reason to go Postal. Add that, plus saying the 5800 Ultra is a good card, and you have yourself some good ol fashion flame bait.
Something that can run SWG somewhat decent.
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