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Default Re: Woot! 5800U arrives!

Originally Posted by Rollo
I thought you were Canadian, there's nothing wrong with that last I checked. I was just trying to say that down here, 9800Pros have gotten so cheap they're well within reach of anyone, not an elite hardcore gamers card anymore. (not to mention the fact that I already owned one)

Saying a 5800 Ultra is a good card is flamebait on a nVidia forum?!?!

Dude I just went through a LOT to get a 5800 Ultra.

I bought an Abit 5800 on EBAY for $202, because it had 1GHz RAM on it. The guy ripped me off and sent me a DOA card, then tried to sucker me in to a scam to defraud Abit for another one.
I traded my 9800 Pro, which I paid $379 for 8-9 months ago, for a 5800Ultra.

I come on to the nVidia owners forum, happy as heck with my trade and to be running some new unique hardware, and I get guys like you calling me names, flaming nVidia, trashing other members, and saying my new card suxorz for reasons that still haven't been defined further than "Well it sux" or "The 9800 Pro is just better".

Well yeah, overall it may be a little better, but I play online shooters 98% of the time for my gaming. I have an Audigy 2 and Creative FPS2000 4/1, and my computer is in a 400 square foot rec room. With the game playing, I can't notice the noise much. In game play, I can't notice the difference at any game so far except Far Cry. I did say there was a little difference at UT2004, but I had to turn on the counter to see it was 10 fps slower.

So if you want to talk about "flamebait" re-read your posts and look in the mirror. The guy looking back has some issues with insecurity. (and my BA is in Psych, so I have some idea what I'm talking about here)

it was a pointless trade. of course if this card is what makes you happy, then by all means. you are right in that the average user will not notice a difference. this is fine.

what isn't fine is being offensive to other members here. bragging about your Ivy class education and the amount of money you make is not only disrespectful to those people who don't have what you have, but it also has no place in this discussion. if I were a mod I would warn you, and ban you if you did not desist.

btw, your degrees are not impressive. a word of advice: if you brag, brag with ammunition.