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Default Re: Woot! 5800U arrives!

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
Shut up, shut up, shut up. You probably were Canadian in a previous life.
And could get maple syrup out of him , he's so bark-ing

I love that last smilie, it looks so rude

Seriously though I think most would tread the middle ground and say

1) The 9800 Pro has better AA and is faster
2) The 5800U has novelty value and is decent enough, they overclock fine but they do run hot.
3) When you are running and around and shooting, unless you are running at 640x480 the jaggies are not overwhelming, certainly are not big enough for an enemy to hide behind and gain advantage.

Has anyone mentioned drivers yet ? Can I can I can I ..please ?

Sorry, bit of a funny mood today, and I'm sober. Lets just hope we don't have a poll on whether nv40 will beat nv30 by more than 12.452% .... yes, no, maybe, arrrghh.


Andy ( mad )
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