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Default Re: Getten a little hot around here...

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
Not like he posts much here anyway. Someone else always announces new drivers before him, and then his response is, "Yep, we got them new drivers out, go downloads 'em at our site." God forbid he actually try to answer some of the criticism. And don't give me that whole ATI feedback section crap. I've used it for the past several driver releases (regarding OpenGL gamma problems among others) and fat lot of good it's done.

Perhaps ATI can form a committee to study the possibility of them thinking about changing their policy for beta testing and driver releases.
So true, I've submitted so many problems to the feedback section and nothing has changed. I've posted in the threads where he asks for feedback about the same problems and nothing again.

Well, I'm not getting the thing why person like vampireuk is posting threads like this in these forums. Unless you want to get rid of persons like Catalyst maker and don't have the guts to ask them to leave.
God forbid I inject a little humour into a message board

Edit: I post a little joke about the degrading quality of the Catalyst drivers and suddenly I'm trying to evily drive away any ATI employees, I post a major problem about the drivers and I'm a fanboy who should stop playing such old games "coz thye are liek teh lame old gamez LOLZ!!1"

Really people we have actually been hiding something from you over these past months, problems arising, posters vanishing never to return. I'm sorry but I have to rat Mike out here, the real reason behind this is, Majestic 12

Or is it the knights templar....

They are here
I put children in microwaves.
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