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Default Re: Getten a little hot around here...

Originally Posted by vampireuk
God forbid I inject a little humour into a message board

Edit: I post a little joke about the degrading quality of the Catalyst drivers and suddenly I'm trying to evily drive away any ATI employees, I post a major problem about the drivers and I'm a fanboy who should stop playing such old games "coz thye are liek teh lame old gamez LOLZ!!1"

Really people we have actually been hiding something from you over these past months, problems arising, posters vanishing never to return. I'm sorry but I have to rat Mike out here, the real reason behind this is, Majestic 12

Or is it the knights templar....

They are here
Yup, posts vanishing. Posters banned before they even post. Poster being accused of trolling and fanboyism by a fanboy mod. Please
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