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Default Re: Getten a little hot around here...

Originally Posted by vampireuk
You mean a NVIDIA fanboy mod, with a 9700 pro? And the posters banned before they post, a guy that constantly re-registered after he was banned and we caught him out before he could start trolling again

Wow you kids really are stretching for reasons to try and discredit us these days arnt you?
Everyone his own...

In my opinion a mod lis like a policeman. He reprsents an assinged authority. He determines who abides the law and who not. He decides when he intervines and takes action. This role is surelu needed. But has to be done in an imparcial way. Making jokes of one IHV and banning posters who are subjective to on IHV but not banning psters who are subjective to another IHV is not being imparcial.

Than again. All posters that sign up to NVnews (or any other forum) agree that the mods can take action without explaining the reason. So legally all poster have to agree with any action taken by a mod.
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