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Default Re: Getten a little hot around here...

Originally Posted by vampireuk
First of all there is no legal issue to this (I doubt anybody could sue over a mod decision on a message board ), people are free to object to a decision. Of course nobody ever follows the set criteria for doing so, they prefer to cry and whine about it in public instead of contacting another mod or admin via pm.
What I meant is the agreement between Nvnews and the poster. Anyone who signs up agrees with the T&C of NVnews.

I've made it quite clear to people that as long as they don't cause trouble and act like jerks I will be completely fine, of course you get idiot trolls turning up causing nothing but trouble. I refuse to show them one ounce of respect as they deserve none. I've made plenty of wise cracks at NVIDIA in the past, it just so happens that at the moment I am having problems with ATI drivers so I'm making fun of that. Nobody has ever been banned here simply for supporting another company, some would want you to think that but the truth is that those who are gone have been long time trouble makers, some of whom have been banned previously but who we gave a second chance and they botched it.
Well, let's just say that different people have different opinions. I will leave the discussion here as it seems you will maintain your point of view and I will keep my opinion.

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