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Default Re: Getten a little hot around here...

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
Andre, it appears blatantly clear to me that you have not spent time at other message boards. nV News is one of the most fairly moderated sites on the Web. It doesn't matter if you support ATI or NVIDIA or Bitboys, if you're a jackass you will be dealt with promptly and harshly. There are certain "other" video card sites that aren't moderated nearly as strictly or fairly.

One thing everyone has to keep in mind is that this is a privately owned message board. Posting here is a privilege, not a right.
Thank you sat for your post

Don't know what happend with my previous post (never mind)

It is blatantly clear I ahve spend more than 4 years on different forums and my experience is that NV new is moderated strcitly but not always fairly. Again this is my experience. Other "video" boards are moderated by mods which are of the same calibre or quality. Again my opinion!
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