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Default Re: Far Cry shows how pitiful GeForceFX is in DX9 games

Originally Posted by Drumphil
I don't know if you stutter or not.. You'll have to tell me that.. As for anemic vram.. How much vram do you have now.. If its 128mb then you will be limited to 1280x1024 with 4xAA turned on.. So 1600x1200 would be AA free and faster in this situation.. And what do my feelings have to do with it.. I perfer having an actual understanding of the issues, rather than competing to be the biggest smart arse with my posts .. Anyways, you got a good sense of humor, so I'm sure you wont be offended.

no, this doesn't make sense.. The slower system bus doesn't hold back the GPU at all, it does however limit the CPU performance. The GPU connects with the rest of the computer using AGP, which is not the bottleneck in GPU performance.. (remember, the AGP port connects to the system ram in the northbridge chip, so memory access for AGP is independent of the cpu, so increasing ram speed helps, but FSB alone doesn't)

Apart from texturing over agp where the memory speed can make a difference, the FSB has no direct effect on the GPU (and then only because most people increase their ram speed when the increase their FSB).. any difference in performance is due to how CPU performance is effected by FSB speed.. I can clarify that a bit (or a lot) more if its needed, but i couldn't be bothered typing more if you get that anyway.

Ummm Front Side Bus, Honestly doesnt change much cept the ram speed these Days, Specially on Nforce 2 based boards ect, FSB is an interesting term, Because all its really changing is the Northbridges performance and the way the CPU relates to the Memory, I can still remember when raising it changes the AGP/PCI devices as well... gosh them were the days... Damn I think Vias New Boards for a64 arch dont do that right?

Increasing FSB also Increases Memory, And the guy would recieve a 100 mhz Memory Speed adjustment with a P4C Rather than a P4a @ 100 mhz FSB, So theres qutet a bit of bandwith improvement.

So ya it would make a difference ;p

That being said, No FSB system is going to run its memory Async, It just doesnt make sense as theres no performance gain and the Higher Latencies just slow it down anyway,

Theoretically you could run your memory at a higher frequency than your FSb async as well... But any benefit to Memory bandwith would be lost due to latency issues anyway.

Btw you can even take the most GPU intensive app there is and see Performance increases in Game test 2, 3 and 4 of 3dmark2003 by raising FSB alone :I

Actually that gives me an idea, I should try Running my System Async in the 3dmark2003 tests results, See how it correlates to FSB and see how much an improvement ran.

For instance.

Run it @ 133/166

and 166/166

and 166/133

and 133/133

Just to see How 3dmark2003 graphical tests react to the different Memory and bandwith of the system, So it could theoretically be tested, Even on Far Cry
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