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Originally Posted by saturnotaku
I wouldn't exactly consider 4xAA to be "light." I really doubt the upcoming generation of cards will be able to pull off 1600x1200 with those levels of AA and AF. But if they can, it would be rather sweet.
This game and Halo are the only two I've run into so far that won't run in 1600x1200. To choppy. I have to run them both in 1024x768. While the interpolation of my LCD blurs it a bit it really doesn't look that bad at all.

I did just upgrade from my 9700pro to a 9800XT over the weekend but haven't tried 1600x1200 yet. I doubt it'll be enough extra horsepower to make it playable though, so I'm not even going to try.

I don't run w/AA or AF turned on, though I'm tempted to try it out that way and see how it runs. I have everything on VH and water on UH right now and it's smooth as butter.
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