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Default Re: Far Cry shows how pitiful GeForceFX is in DX9 games

"The damn game chokes on a 9800xt at that level with a 3.2 800fsb processor."

I have a P4 3.0 not O.C.,with a 9800XT and have no probs playing the game at 1280*1024, i even use that res online, all fx max.
I haven't tried fsaa in it, and i guess it would choke, but works great with 8X quality Anisotropic filtering ( trilinear ).

A P4 3.2 or a AMD 3.2 should run this game pretty well with a 9800XT.
Awesome game.
The 2.4 CPU could be weakest "link". 1024*768 res should be ok.
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