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Default Re: Far Cry shows how pitiful GeForceFX is in DX9 games

The truth is... people are forgetting some details...

1) The Ultra High setting enables 2.0 shaders... however on FXs ONLY, 1.1 will be used.

2) The specs used to convey the original argument really doesn't hold. You're using an extremely high res on such a new game w/the best settings on a system that REALLY cannot hold on its own unless you lower the res a couple of notches (say 1024x768 or so).. The system seems to be limited to the cpu/fsb...

3) It's been reported that when people install the patch, performance goes down... however on a clear reinstall+patch... it runs just like before (the patch)

4) In any given situation, the Radeon 9700+ series will always beat the FX in 2.0 shaders... what is worse is in comparable systems (same specs, just different video cards)... I believe Far Cry runs faster on the Radeon 9700+ (under ultra high settings - shader 2.0 mode) than the FX 5900 (under ultra high settings - FORCED shader 1.1 mode)
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