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Default Re: Far Cry shows how pitiful GeForceFX is in DX9 games

I dunno what issues some of you are having with out the FryCry 1.1 patch I have all details maxed using a 5900U with bios 5950U on a AMD 64 3400+ and I get zero lag. Mind you I only play all my games at 1024x768 I also have the following settings 8xAF 2xFSAA Quality mode using the the latest driver I think its the 56.65. 1024MB DDR400mhz. I also know sonmeone in our office who plays on a mid system with a 9600 card a with everything except shadows and seems to run mostly lag free. Mind you both us have Tweaked our Rigs 90%. Sounds like there maybe more issues with other things running on your machine, or drivers or perhaps it is a CPU or Hardware lack of power... I personal love my 5900U and wouldsay that if you figure FX suck perhaps you should learn more about computers before pointing fingers
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