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Default NVIDIA driver with latest Fedora Core 2 system

I have upgraded my Linux box to the latest
Red Hat Fedora Core 2 - test 2 released yesterday.
It is running a REd hat modified version of the 2.6.3 kernel.
I downloaded the latest nvidia 5336 version linux driver and installed it.

I next modified the XF86Config file and replaced the nv driver with nvidia.

When I rebooted typed startx to load the X server.

The screen went black and the keyboard and mouse stopped responding.

After I rebooted and examined the X86Free.0.log file I found that the
last line in the file was

"NVIDIA CPU detected as Riva TNT"

It appears as if the entire system locked up at that point.

I had previously been running Fedora core 2 Test 1.

I found that the system would run the NVIDIA driver with the
Red hat 2.6.1 kernel. However, as soon as I upgraded to the newer
Fedora 2.6.3 kernel , the I could not longer run X with either
the nv or the nvidia driver.
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