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Default Re: Far Cry shows how pitiful GeForceFX is in DX9 games

Originally Posted by vampireuk
I'm deadly serious, I don't care about AA and AF. Going ooooh and aaaah when playing a game isn't going to make you any better at it.

Also why should I be playing at 320x420? Or is that just one of these red herrings I've heard so much about.
I'm just saying that you must care about IQ a bit or you would still be playing at ultra low resolutions to keep the FPS at the highest level possible.

I do care about IQ and I find jaggies extremely distracting. I usually adjust my graphic settings for max quality that allows me to keep about 40 FPS or so for online gaming. More FPS is a waste for my meager gaming abilities.

For most single player games I adjust for max quality.
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