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Default Re: Far Cry shows how pitiful GeForceFX is in DX9 games

Originally Posted by Steppy
...PC800 offers 3.2 GB/s...where you get "acceptable" performance.
While that may hold true in theory, articles from the time indicate much lower 'actual' throughput. Perhaps a latency issue? Here is a good read on the subject-,1558,186,00.asp
Essentially, with the same P4 CPU (2.0Ghz), the author was able to add 1000 points to his 3DM score, and increase Q3 FPS by more than 10% by running (now legacy also) PC1066 as opposed to PC800. I stand corrected on my bandwidth estimate, however my point was to stress the limiting factor of his platform in relation to his gaming experience instead of expecting a vanilla 5900 to make his aging hardware perform to his (obviously overzealous) expectations.
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