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I've never uninstalled a set of drivers faster than this one.

Using Win98SE, and a TI 4600....

I didn't have any problems in OpenGL games, although I did not test anything comprehensively. I only ran Quake3: Urban Terror quickly, just to confirm that it was working, at least in the win98 driver (Someone had reported that this game was corrupted with 40.72).

Freespace2 and Darkstone were also working in D3D.

However, there were some bad problems with running windows programs from a fullscreen DOS prompt. Either icons in the program would be corrupted (Rivatuner, for instance, would have the two buttons, for low level and driver level options--that expand into the color icons, corrupted), or the entire windows system would crash, with a "black screen" winoldapp.dll crash.

Also, the windows shutdown screen was either out of sync, or had an invalid refresh rate, as my monitor would actually go into power save mode, on the windows shutdown screen ! (I haven't seen anything like that, since the 7.78 driver, where this first occured, though that was fixed in 7.87 but the sync bug actually morphed into a more serious MS DOS Vesa bad sync on game exit bug, which wasn't fixed until 27.xx.....)

I'm back on the 31.40 drivers.....which, incidentally, fixed DOS Vesa corruption (random line flickering) in Screamer and Duke Nukem 3D, that was present in 29.42....(too bad Screamer STILL crashes randomly regardless of windows or pure DOS mode, with a P3... >_<).
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