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Default Re: FYI: New RH Kernel RPMs out

Originally posted by dwbrewer
When you are a newbie like I am, a kernel update
is painful when trying to rebuild the nvidia drivers and reload them. I could rebuild the drivers against the source, but when I tried to update and install them, I would get driver already loaded. I saw someone else's post about --force and that worked.

I am sorry, but as a Windows 2000 administrator, we could not deploy this OS on the desktop and maintain the OS and drivers as easily as WIN2k.

On the other hand, I am learning a lot about Linux and being challenged to find solutions.
Well, You only need the NVidia drivers for 3D stuff so unless you have an office full of gamers, I don't see the problem. Having said that, I'm having trouble rebuilding the source rpms on the new RH kernel. I've built these for years and haven't had a problem till now so it isn't a newbie error. Getting all sorts of compile errors. Is anyone else having this problem?

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