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Hi again Timo:

Sorry, I had not realized that your X server had not worked from the get-go. . Have you tried to edit the XFree config files in your etc directory and see what drivers the X server is expecting to see? It could be that the card has been identified incorrectly, and the drivers do not match the card. The ncftp idea mentioned in the earlier post, sounds like a good bet.

Midnight Commander is easy to start. At the command line prompt type 'mc' without the quotes of course, and you will see the dual pane layout, and all the other function keys and such that are mapped by the app at the bottom of the screen, along with a command line prompt. Check the attached screenshot of Midnight Commander running in a terminal session, but it looks the same when you run it from a command prompt. This allows you to navigate when you are dumped into command-line land. It's a lonely place without a few tools and such to help you along the way. Also, there are a few text based browsers that may be available to you. Try entering 'lynx' or 'links' at the command prompt for a text based web browser that will allow you to navigate the web while you are using runlevel 3. I hope some of the information we are all throwing at you will help some with your problem.

I am wondering though, why the X server disn't start after installation. Did you have problems while you were installing RH? I have heard that it is a bit quirky at times, but I have not used it myself. I am using Mandrake 8.2 currently, and I do like the install process it uses. . I am sure the makers of RH have included tools for you to get your machine running without the use of X, but a lot of users would get really upset at getting dumped into a command prompt, and not know what to do without the pretty GUI front end.

Hopefully things will come together and you will have the machine configured and running like you expect, very soon. Good luck to you.

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