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Default Re: FYI: New RH Kernel RPMs out

Originally posted by dwbrewer
but when I tried to update and install them, I would get driver already loaded.
This is why I personally don't like RPMs. I'm just curious here, did you try to rpm -Uvh after you rebuilt the RPMs? If not, try it next time -- -U tells RPM to upgrade. So if there's already one RPM installed that provides the same thing as what the RPM you're installing provides, then if you don't tell it to upgrade, then you might have better luck with that.

I am sorry, but as a Windows 2000 administrator, we could not deploy this OS on the desktop and maintain the OS and drivers as easily as WIN2k.
Now one thing I'm wondering about this statement is, how long have you been using Linux? It doesn't sound like long. How long did it take your organization (in man-months or whatnot, not just amount of time) to learn every last nuance of Windows, so that you do feel comfortable using it instead? Not just 2000, but Windows in general? And how long do you spend re-learning things when fundamental user-interface changes happen? In Linux, once you learn how to do what you need (at the command line), and how to find documentation, there aren't really very many fundamental changes in the way things work. It is, after all, aiming to be POSIX compliant, which puts a guarantee on the user interface -- at least at the CLI level. There will be changes behind the scenes when binary compatibility is finally broken (which will happen when Linux 3.x.x comes out), but you won't see any of them at the user level. You'll just have to recompile some programs that use the old interface -- most likely only glibc.

On the other hand, I am learning a lot about Linux and being challenged to find solutions.
Well, that's good at least. It can't be bad to be learning things.
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