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Default Re: ~ | Official BattleField: Vietnam Feedback Thread | ~

Heu guys i checked out about 10 different forums and there seems to be a issue withthe newer cats and this game. If you are using a ati 9800 or 9700 including xt's and it is running smooth what version are you using. Im using the 4.3's and having some slowdowns ecspecially when zooming in or looking at trees. I have a 3.6ghz p4 and 2 gigs of ram with a 9800xt so my systems plenty fast people are reccomending the cat 3.7's but i dont want to go back that far as the rest of my new games run awesome. Farcry is smooth at 1280 x 1024 with aniso on and ut2k4 runs excellent too just battlefield runs like poop. You think a decent patch or drivers will come out?
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