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Question Minimizing Issues?

Hoping you guys can help me out here. Right after I installed the beta...I've noticed that when I minimize any window via the taskbar, it takes a considerable amount of time to minimize. Maximizing from the taskbar is fast as usual. And if you minimize using the minimize button on the window it is fast as usual also. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this...and does anyone know if it is the driver? And if it is the driver...anyone know how to fix it (other than reinstalling the old driver of course)...

It began to happen RIGHT after I installed the new drivers so I am assuming that it might possibly be the new drivers...and it is quite annoying since I minimize most of the time from the taskbar...

I'm running:

GeForce2 GTS (64MB) on Samsung 753DF @ 1152x864 (70Hz)
Compaq Presario 7000 series
WinXP Pro SP1
AMD Athlon 1.4Mhz

Thanks in advance for your help!!

I messed around a little and have determined that it has something to do with the nView desktop manager...when I turn off windows maximize and minimize as they should...

The irony in this all is the fact that one of the nice things nView has is that it cuts out all the animation to make windows faster when minimizing/maximizing...which it did...until this release....I hope someone lets nVidia know about this one...I'd hate to have to stop using transparencies and such because their "fast" minimize/maxmize is broken :-/ Anybody else having this problem?

Yes...definately an nView issue...Cause I turned it off and then went into the system settings myself and turned off the window animation and it worked just as it should...with nView on, it was all slow as I described above...:-/ I don't wanna give up my transparencies for long....hope nVidia fixes....

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