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Default NFS woes on RH9

OK, a bit of the predicament here. One of the classes I'm taking this semester is Advanced UNIX. However, things are well...lets just say we don't exactly have any kind of a syllabus, curriculum, or whatever to follow anymore. In the beginning we had a small syllabus, and the teacher was then gone for a week (in February) to pass a test, so he could migrate over to teaching the Red Hat curiculum to us. From the little bit we did see, we also came to the conclusion that when we took intro to UNIX (I took it back in 1999 and got an A in it, but umph...what does that even mean now) though we learned some things, it wasn't even half of what Red Hat thought we should learn.

Well he didn't pass his test (as after he fdisked his HD, he forgot to reboot or write the partition table to the disk, before he continued). He got much of it done (it was timed) and then had to's proficiency based, so no time for that... From the sound of it, he knew the material better then many other people there (well he had been teaching networking for at least 6+ years, and working in this area much longer), but it's the silly mistake that got him.

Since that time, things have somewhat turned into...we don't even know what we're doing, what we're supposed to be learning, or what we'll be tested on. (The last test, we only went over some things we were tested on, after the test was done.) We did go over the test he had for awhile; and then he was gone for another week and a half.

We had the test the first day he was gone and then had NFS and Samba to configure the remaining days. This time he was gone, we actually did get some configuration guides this time (though we had nothing to go on the last).

I got everything configured for the NFS server, following the steps we were provided with. If I try to mount an NFS directory, I get an access denied message. If someone else tries, they get an RPC time out message (as I was to try latter).

OK, access denied, I tried commenting all lines in the /etc/hosts.deny and /etc/hosts.allow files, to have it implicitly allow all. I guess I could try making it more explicit by putting:


into the /etc/hosts.allow file to see what happens. Anyhow, no dice, still an access denied. (This was on a small LAN, so I could temporarily remove security and then progressively add it back again till I had the problem again.) So I said, OK, perhaps it's at the firewall. So I disabled this altogether (temporarily) and then issued a

iptables -F

to flush it all. Afterwards I issued a restart to the nfs service

service nfs restart

and even to the networking interface, still no dice. The /etc/exports file is also setup correctly. It was latter someone else tried to mount and got the RPC: time out from my NFS server. I've had class mates look at it, and not find anything wrong with it. They said it should work. I called the lab TA over, and after looking, he said the same thing "no, this looks all correct" and got frustrated himself and suggested asking the teacher when he came back. Am I, or should I say, are we all missing something here?
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