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Default Re: Getten a little hot around here...

Originally Posted by Andre_hazes
Thank you sat for your post

Don't know what happend with my previous post (never mind)

It is blatantly clear I ahve spend more than 4 years on different forums and my experience is that NV new is moderated strcitly but not always fairly. Again this is my experience. Other "video" boards are moderated by mods which are of the same calibre or quality. Again my opinion!
if you were here last year around this time you would know what FLAME BAIT and related threads were all about m8... this is nothing...

the other boards I personally go to happen to have as many or more technically proficient people but all boards have the same general breed of spammers who detract from regular threads with inane banter... I don't doubt I have posted some inane banter myself but when the topic is serious and the tone as much I do take a slightly different stance and post in that manner...

the boards here ARE moderated fairly... if you have seen bannings or closed threads it is generally when the people concerned have already been warned and the like... we may not always agree with the mods decisions, believe me I don't all the time... but the mods have a right to make the decisions they do... we have agreed to the terms and conditions of the boards when signing on here...

there were certain liberties given and abused when the nv30 discussions were on-going and certain of the liberties that were abused have been scrutinised more so now than they were before.... so in that sense there is a slight change... other than that the general atmosphere is pretty much the same as it was before...

a couple of people who have chosen to leave have left with sour grapes and bring it up on various boards across the net... it happens everywhere...

also consider all boards are different nvnews is not obligated to conform to the standards and expectations of people who choose to partiticipate in discussions... however if you hang around and keep an open mind and join us on the IRC channel you will notice that its not all bad
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