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Default nvnet Driver doesn't compile under SuSe Standard Server 8 "2.4.21-198-athlon"

I want to install a Suse Linux Standard Server 8.
First I used United Linux 1.0 Service Pack 3 to install it, with the 2.4.21-138 kernel (since I needed the Sata support), then I compiled the driver with the tar.gz file. After that I had Internet Access and started Yast Online Update. It installed the 2.4.21-198 Kernel with Sources and I tried to compile the driver again, since the eth0 failed on start-up. Now I got the "unresolved symbols" error, I tried the work-around with make cloneconfig, make dep, but it didn't work though.

Any one with a similar problem, or a solution to this problem?


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