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Lightbulb Sacred US Full Violence Patch HOT !!

For those who play Sacred in US , knows that devs totaly removed gore/blood/violence , sometimes i realy hate US law but oh well..

Anyway devs accidently released 1.5 patch who enable blood after install only need to change in settings.cfg "VIOLENCE : 1" from default (2) this woun't work without one thing

Now the trick is devs already know about they mistake and quietly rereleased patch sacred_enu_1.5.exe ( size 8'072'044 date 04/02/2004 no gore patch)

Here it is hot patch with gore capability get it while its hot ( size 8'060'383 date 03/27/2004 )[1].5.exe

Thank god i noticed it game is so mutch nicer with all effects , lucky germans get full

I mean whats the deal with US laws extra red pixels and it gets banned not even extra options for over 18 or anything.
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