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Default Re: Sacred US Full Violence Patch HOT !!

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
There's no law in the US that prohibits such displays in games. It's those krazy krauts that have those restrictions. The Sacred devs were probably afraid of the so-called activists who want to see that kind of stuff taken out of video games. After all, we know good and well they're the number one cause of violent behavior among kids.
Yeah that argument always cracks me up. Kids have always seen violence throughout history and (boys especially) imitate it. Anyone ever watch an old western movie? How about even the old Loony Tunes? I have two boys and neither of them have ever seen so much as a gun in today's cartoons. Heck, when I was a kid guns were in every cartoon. I played G.I. Joe, ran around in the woods with homemade boys/arrows, bb guns, played all the Dooms, Quakes, RPGs, etc, etc but I never went postal (and don't ever intend to). Hmm...maybe that had something to do with the fact that my parents actually were parents to me and my father educated about firearms at an early age. I get so sick of our society constantly looking for a scapegoat...nobody wants to own up to anything anymore. Sorry for the rant.
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