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Lightbulb Re: Upgrade Complete Benchmarks are BOGUS

Originally Posted by MikeC
Accept my apologies if I mislead anyone, but that was not my intention. My goal was to show how two popular games, that are widely used as benchmarks, react differently depending on the CPU being used. Unreal Tournament 2003 thrives with the Athlon 64 while Halo does not.

I could have left out mentioning the graphics cards since switching them around would make little difference in performance. At least that is what I have been led to believe in the reviews I have read.

Contrary to popular belief, I was not intentionally trying to degrade the Radeon 9800 Pro. I have used it often and I chose to install it in the system I had been using before giving the system to my son.
Yeah i upgraded from Athlon 2400Xp to Athlon 64 3200+ and was excpecting good boost but got hardly any Halo is not friendly game more like 3dMark2003.
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