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My only issue with UT2003 (not really an issue so much as a comment on the fact that I will have to upgrade my processor AND video soon) is that those great high-poly scenes and textures require me to use AA / aniso or else live with more jaggies. UT and Q3 didn't have as many noticable issues in that area, but with all the detail in UT2003, it's easier to see, even with AA. I guess I've gotta have a 3000+ AMD w/nV30+ to see higher framerates and still not have noticable slowdowns in higher action scenes. (Getting lows around mid-30's at 800x600x32 all details in game set high, quincunx AA + 2x aniso, averaging 50's - 60's, with periodic major jumps between 100-400, lol).
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