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That's most likely why the tree looks better Chalnoth, as the trees look the same in my game as in his shot (full version UT2003, high detail settings, GF4Ti4600).

I'm not sure about the clarity of the close in textures on the spikes there (his might be clearer than I usually see, but I haven't paid enough attention to tell for sure), but the hillside in the background is definitely blurrier than I've been seeing.

imo, the blurrier distance areas aren't too big a deal though, because I'm not usually looking that far out when playing the game (other than to notice red / blue moving in from that direction )

Edit: That's a shot with 16x aniso on? I'm using only 2x and still not getting the details in the distance blurred like that. Is it 16x quality, or 16x performance? (I wouldn't think either would result in it being blurrier anywhere than my Ti at 2x, but maybe..)
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