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Default WineX CVS how to..

What is WineX?
That's a stupid question.

How to get damn thing to work?
It's simple. Just download shell script which is attached to this thread then rename GetWineX.txt to GetWineX.
Execute it by typing ./GetWineX in the konsole.

Script will delete any previous version of wine or winex then install the latest CVS version.

The whole process will be done automatically so just sit back and relax

Once you get it installed WineX configurator will try to find your Fart32 paritions and windows directory then save information in /root/.winex/config file.
.winex means hidden directory so you have enable hidden view from the konqueror file browser. View/Show Hidden Files.

If you don't know how to mount Fart32 paritions

OK now try your new toy on some OpenGL game like SoF2 or ST: EliteForce cause they work 100% on every system.
D3D API sux so you're gonna have hard time b4 you play D3D games.


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