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Exclamation I got some issues with nVnews...

...and I was advised in this thread I started over at Beyond3D titled "nVnews shenanigans" about Chambers rather misleading benchmark scores on his front page that if I had grievances with something at nVnews than I should complain about it at nVnews.

So here I am.

I found the chart to be misleading and not representative of ANYTHING other than how much better one system was than another. Someone else over at B3D summed up my grievances with MikeC's chart better than I could, so I quote:

He goes from a Radeon 9xxx Pro to a GeForce FX, a card which is known to have inferior capabilities when it comes to PS2.0. He then concludes that the equal framerate means you can't improve there till next gen, failing to take into account that only a move to a new processor and a 9800 XT with no change would have shown that. Even then you could have concluded it was the CPU not the GPU that led to the boost.
Also in that thread, a friend of mine posted this up:

Things have changed at NVnews around the time the NEW SERVER was put in. AT the time the server was down, there was a message on the front page saying thank Nvidia for out new server and our foums will be up soon. After about a hour the message was gone.
Is this true? If so, why was the message pulled and just where did the new server come from?

Those are my issues, I tried to present them as non-flamey as possible in hopes they will actually be addressed rather than this thread closed and locked. I made the attempt, the ball is in your court now.
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