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Default Re: I got some issues with nVnews...

Originally Posted by Sazar

the 'issue' was raised there and answered...
Well it's good that Mike apologized for his error, but it would have been better as an adendum on the front page just like the chart was IMHO.

again I fail to understand why you have a problem with this... this is a mountain out of a mole-hill started of by volt's rather clever use of including JUST the img from the front page with no allusions to the rest of the post..

do you honestly feel mislead when you read the article as it is presented?
Actually I made my initial post at B3D about it after seeing the post about it on EB which was pretty much just the chart. If I had read the whole thing first I probably STILL would have posted a thread that was just about the same, but I would have mentioned more of the story behind it.

I still don't think it's right, and I still think it appears to show a bias.

yes it uses pp (you consider it cheating) but it is part of the feature set of the nv3x series... ati does everything @ fixed precision... nv uses a mix... keep in mind that uttar and dave and others have said there is no fx in the equation... just fp...
Just because you consider it a non-issue does not mean that everyone considers it a non-issue....believe it or not I'm not the only one who still "consider it cheating".

I would have loved if you had started this particular topic on this forum rather than blabbing about it on EB and then starting crap @ b3d...
I don't feel welcome at nVnews, I feel it's changed into a biased site where the mods ridicule people and allow fanboys to long as they're nVidia fanboys doing the flaming.

b3d is a good technical site.. it does not need b.s. threads like what you started to pull down its reputation...
B3D is an excellent technical site, the very best there is. One of it's greatest strengths is that it is a melting pot of input from all the other tech sites out there as there tends to be a lot of mods/admins/heavy contributors to other sites that all tend to hang-out there and share their knowledge/insights/'s kind of why I think they made a "Graphics Company" forum so they'd have a place to put all the discussions about the various websites & vendors. (All IMHO of course)

If they have a problem with what I'm posting there, I'm sure they'd tell me...they haven't been shy about such things in the past.

Just on a sidenote, I won't be able to post to this thread for a little while. Please don't think I'm in one of my moods, I gotta go and assemble a bowflex and I'm going to be tied up.
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