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Exclamation Re: I got some issues with nVnews...

let me jump in here real quick and introduce myself (in case you don't know who i am)... My name's Joerg Battermann, and I am the guy administrating the nvNews server, but I am -independant- from nvNews AND Nvidia. Mike paid me whenever he needed my work and so does he for the server. I made suggestions where he would get a good one, he paid for it.. not Nvidia. Nvidia has -nothing- to do with the server itself, it's mike that pays the bills, and me who keeps it running. And I do know who logs in and has access to the server.. and who not.

This brings me to the next point... this 'message', that someone said showed up just for an hour on the nvNews main page, stating that Nvidia pays for all this etc etc - this is NOT the case - Period. I did the move and I know when what was put online or not.. and since there are no payments involved from Nvidia, why would -I- or Mike... the only 2 people who -might- have had access (actually just I did) to the server during this time.. post this message? Mike paid me directly, so does he for the Server,

In case you have any more questions (bear with my bad grammar etc.. i am -tired³-), ask here, via pm or e-mail... send a "message in a bottle", carrier pigeon or whatsoever...

-joerg battermann

Originally Posted by digitalwanderer
...and I was advised in this thread I started over at Beyond3D titled "nVnews shenanigans" about Chambers rather misleading benchmark scores on his front page that if I had grievances with something at nVnews than I should complain about it at nVnews.

So here I am.

I found the chart to be misleading and not representative of ANYTHING other than how much better one system was than another. Someone else over at B3D summed up my grievances with MikeC's chart better than I could, so I quote:

Also in that thread, a friend of mine posted this up:

Is this true? If so, why was the message pulled and just where did the new server come from?

Those are my issues, I tried to present them as non-flamey as possible in hopes they will actually be addressed rather than this thread closed and locked. I made the attempt, the ball is in your court now.

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