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Default NVidia with TV OUT and Matrox Card


I'm trying to get the following to work:
One CRT connected to a Matrox G550 AGP
One CRT connected to a NVidia GeForce4 MX 420 PCI
TV connected to the NVidia card.

I'd like to use the two CRTs as one Xinerama-like desktop and have one copy (of the part of the desktop displayed on the NVidia card) on the TV or, as an alternative, have the possibility to copy a windows content to the TV (or even Overlays like in Windows?).

I can set up each card seperately not using Xinerama and having only one CRT as my Desktop and either of the cards works, the NVidia even with TV out showing a copy of the desktop.
But as soon as I enable both video cards with or without Xinerama, X won't start up and the NVidia card will get locked showing vertical white stripes on black background (on both the CRT and the TV) while the Matrox card shows a black screen. One can't revert NVidias card to a normal state, even killing the X-Server or switching to the console doesn't help, although the system does not hang.
The X server doesn't produce any error message in its log files. When setting up two MetaModes for the NVidia card, one using just the CRT, the second enabling TV, X starts correctly. When I then try to switch the Mode to turn TV out on, X crashes with fatal error: "caught signal 11" (no other error messages appear), but before it's crashing, one can (for half a second or so) see the correct image on both the CRT and the TV.

I'm using Debian 3.0 on a Elitegroup K7S5A with Duron 800 processor with kernel 2.4.19. I'm using the newest drivers available from matrox and nvidia. I tried X 4.1 and 4.2 and I replaced the matrox card by another NVidia to make sure the failure is NVidia-related and is not some strange bug in the matrox drivers, which it isn't.

Would be great if anyone could help...
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