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I have to say that colored lighting is very infrequent in real life. It seems to find itself among scifi flicks, usually the bad ones. Take Aliens, one of the only 4-star scifi fliks. Everything is GREY GREY GREY. The Doom vision of the future is much the same way, mining colonies, huge reactors. I don't see why grey and white lighting wouldnt' be standard. You don't see many neon signs, purple vapor lights floating around science stations and/or vessels. Usually they're centralized in Las Vegas type cities. (Total Recall's Mars). When true dark scifi emerges (Event Horizon, Alien), grey is the most abundant color, creating that ever-present gloomy/eerie/undead atmosphere.

As for the pics themselves, I don't find the pointy heads and lack of tesselation appealing when the hype is so... hyped up... over high polygon counts. I thought it was supposed to be a 'new generation' of video goodness. Slowly adding the ability to manipulate bumpmapping, shadows, specularity, opacities and such in real time is fascinating, but rather just a 'next step' which would eventually come, nothing amazingly groundbreaking. It's similar to the addition of 32-bit support, or dynamic lights, or whatever.

I'm going to say i'm 100% positive this game will end up being nothing more than a graphics lump, just like Wolfenstein. Single player was horrible, multiplayer was lacking innovation. It just looked pretty. What i need from this title is gameplay, and from these pictures, it's safe to say that there will not be more than a few enemies on the screen at once, if the developers intend this to be played by everyone who doesn't own a 3Ghz cpu and an nv30. I'm not going to be thrilled if it's a theif/deus ex 'sneaker' rather than a full blown shooter. RCTW failed in that light as well. The original was nothing but run n gun, and that's how the sequels should be. Leave the clones to come up with the innovative gameplay, keep the stories and gameplay similar. What would we have though if Elevator Action II featured escalators?! What if Ms. PacMan was a fighting game? The title of the game has a LOT to do with who will buy it. Because this is Doom, I sure hope that they don't disappoint with Me v 1 or 2 enemies. The original was amazing because it featured Me v 30 or Me v 50 enemies at once. Sure, that type of play is dated now, but that IS the essence of Doom, and always will be. If you mutuate it into a 'sneaker', then the atmosphere will look pretty, but that's all. I definitely won't be saying to myself "I'm playing Doom".

Pretty lights and bumpmaps are neat, but in the end, gameplay is what it's about. If we get 10 hours of gameplay like Max Payne, the $60 they are probably going to sell Doom for will be a RIPOFF. 10 hours is nothing. Doom always took a long time to beat due to the 30+ levels, 1000+ enemies they threw at us. I hope this time, they don't fail. I'm not expecting them to pass from flying colors though from what I've seen so far.
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