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My Review Thus Far:

Single Player:
An absolute blast. I am having alot of fun with the single player portion of the game... It reminds me of a rollercoaster ride You move from one area to the next, each area is unique from the one before it. Very interesting.
The sound is the best sound I have ever heard in a game.. IMO. The environmental, and positioning is dead on. You can distinctly hear something whether it is coming from the front right, rear left, etc. I am using a 4.1 setup, and boy it sounds great.
The graphics are VERY nice also. No Far Cry, but they are clean, and run very smooth.
The physics are very cool, nearly everything can be broken. Pillars send structures crumbling, bridges made from wood sway, and explosions send pieces of the surrounding flying. One of the first weapons you receive is a shotgun, Wait till you try this bad boy, planting a shotgun into the chest of a baddy sends him flying.. into objects and such. Great fun

Some people might say its too repetitive.. but I dont think so. Every area is different from the last, and the weapons are always changing, also, with the cool physics, it makes sure each baddy dies a different way

Well, its ok. But the maps are way too cramped, and the game is super fast. Like really Also, it is quite easy to die from a few shots. Be prepared to be spawning like mad. There are a few multiplayer maps with some cool traps, such as dropping barrels, etc. Interesting approach. Conclusion? Multiplayer is fun, but definetely no UT2004.

Overall, it's alot of fun, and I encourage everyone to pick this one up!!
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