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Default Re: ~ | Official Painkiller Feedback Thread! | ~

I bought Painkiller today at EB and got it for $10.00. Is that normal? I normally don't shop there and when I saw the $10.45 total I told the guy something had to be wrong. He checked and said it was a promo and that it was the full game. I was skeptical since I thought I had read something about that before and it ended up being a demo. But, it looks like it is the full game. The receipt shows original price $39.99 ea. Disc: 29.99 Promo #1458. The price is then listed as $10.

So, is there some catch? Is it really a 6 CD game and so I'll have to go out and purchase the other 3 CDs mid-way or something? There's has to be a catch...
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