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Even though your using sdram you still shouldnt have much of a problem cracking 10,000...

After looking at your 3dmark results and seeing normalish nature and dragothic scores for your setup(these scores are very video card dependent) and a solid 1059 single texturing score I have some suggestions as to where to start looking for your problems.

first I would dump half your ram for testing purposes, more isnt always better ram wise when using sdr. I'm guesing your using 512x2 so pull a stick out(if it is 256x4 or 512 + 256x2 do what you need so that only 1 memory slot is populated) next pull that sblive(they love to fight for irq's with geforce cards, actually any vid card )

Then, check you bios settings for your ram timings -you want them to be as fast as possible without causing instability.

retest and we can go from there.

btw -are you using the 4200 turbo ? 650 on the mem side is stellar but just about impossible with tsop mem without a volt mod -for the 3.3ns bga on albatrons turbo model its a piece of cake.

You prolly allready know this but with an upgrade to ddr and a little bit of overclocking you could easily best my 3dmark of 13048 with that card.
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