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Default Re: FreeBSD 5.1 + Nvidia Drivers + startx = LOCKUP

no U not. I have same probs with FX 5200, heard that its an acpi problem, but no progress when I switch off acpi. So i am using CLI only, rather than X without GLX!!!. I ve spent 100 bucks on this card and it doensnt work with nvidia drivers for me. tried for month to make it work. NVIDIA cares more about linux users than about bsd users !!! If they would at least make the linux driver work under bsd to keep up2date drivers. Its shame that thee got closed source drivers ! Next time I wont be stupid to trust nvidia that they drivers work and go for ati. Im running apple G3 on NetBSD with no problems. Imagine to get G5 with nvidia and if you want to run BSD execept DARVIN & OSX than you cant cose of driver. with ati no prob.
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