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Default Re: debian nvidia driver installation freezes after reboot after reporting 'success'

-post copied from another related thread i create


Re: where can i learn how to use the "nv" drivers as opposed to the "nvidia" ones?

"I am using the 'nv' drivers right now, and they are not accelerated (3D wise)."

yeah i read that... too bad.

"AFAIK debian comes with the nv driver so all you have to do is change the Driver line in your XF86Config-4 file to say 'nv' instead of 'nvidia'."

this never works for me. x trys to start about 3 times and gives up. i examined the log but i can't remember what it said, in any case it was very short. i just assumed something was missing. but i can't find anything nv related in dselect, nor can i find any real useful information on the internet related to nv. but if it is not 3d accelerated then i'ven't much use for it. i was using vesa successfully, but after upgrading x to 4.4 i can't get vesa to work either. it results in a display that looks like the refresh rate is wrong, but changing the resolution refresh colour depht and what have you has no effect. the config file worked fine for vesa before the upgrade, and never worked for nv. i'm just hoping that problem will fix itself after i get the nvidia drivers to work, assuming i ever will. people don't seem to be too helpful, and the software seems shotty at best. right now i'm looking into flashing the bios with little leads on how to. that is obtaining the new image and flashing it. i hope i don't need a floppy drive because i don't have one, i've gone through 5 or 6, they never work for me.

" Your problem _really_ sounds similar to mine as my machine hard locks when loading the Nvidia kernel side module (see the 32 bit drivers on Asus K8V thread)."

i think i've read tehm all for the last 4 or 5 pages.

"Just a suggestion, boot up with an extra kernel option 'single'. Then do a modprobe nvidia and see if your machine crashes. If it does you may suffer from the same problem I'm trying to get fixed."

i don't understand teh boot option part. i use grub, lilo never would recognize my kernel after i installed tehm. modprobe want crash my system. it simply reports that the proprietary drivers will taint the kernel open source wise.

in any case i apreciate teh response. i was beginning to feel like this place was a ghost town.. i think i will let this thread die and focus on my other running one.

best of luck.


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