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Thanks for the tips guys, i earlier overclocked my graphics card and got an extra 150 3dmarks!

I tested with and without the sound card and got no change really.

BUT i took 512 meg of ram out and made sure the cas was 2and i got a jump of 500 3dmarks!!

I didnt realise the more ram you have the worse your 3d performance is!! Baffling!

I also found out that my motherboard should only go up to athlonxp 1800+ max, so i think a change of mobo and ram is a definate!! Cheers once again guys, cant wait to get the new board, might check the new msi boards out.

BTW Yes i am using the albatron geforce 4 ti 4200 Turbo 128 meg, without extra cooling i now overclock it to 290/695!!!!!!! And this is very stable!!

Im looking forward to beating that score walkndude!!
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